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If so, you are in the right place. Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management, CRMC can be the solution for your property management needs. As an industry-leading company, we have dedicated ourselves to providing full-service property management excellence.

One of our top priorities is great customer service. We’ll always focus both on what our clients want and what they need. You can be secure in the knowledge that we always choose cost-effective management solutions to maximize the return on your real estate investment.

Located in Colorado Springs, CO, our company is affiliated with top-tier professional organizations, including NARPM, Realtor, and CRMC.

At Blue Mountain Real Estate, we have been offering commercial and residential property management for almost four decades. All of this experience is distilled into our reliable and results-driven management services.

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Our Property Management Services

We have been serving the local area for years with a steadfast belief that excellent property management should always be coupled with outstanding communication.

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Our team of Widefield property managers allow you to focus on other important things in your life. Here's what we can do for you and your property:

1. Advertising Your Rental Property

Vacant rental units are frustrating, to say the least. While empty units still incurr regular expenses, they don't provide any rental income to offset these costs. We won’t allow your property to stay empty for too long.

advertising rental property

We use tried-and-true marketing services to spread the word about your rental property to the right people. Digital marketing is one of the pillars of our campaigns. We use narrow targeting on social media and rental listings on the best sites.

Additionally, offline marketing services will be used for your property. Sometimes visible yard signs and well-designed print advertisements can land you quality tenants with surprising speed and ease. When these efforts have been carried out, we’ll continue with thorough tenant screening procedures.

2. Screening Your Rental Applicants

We want to know who the people are who are applying for tenancy in your rental property. This is a crucial step in successful property management. Comprehensive screening can cut the risk of payment issues and tenant damages.

As an experienced property management company, our screening procedures always adhere to Fair Housing Laws. All of the leases we draft and policies we enact are fully within the bounds of all relevant legislation.

screening potential tenants

Some of the information we're able to determine through our rigorous checks includes:

What is an applicant's employment status?
Is their income enough to rent your property?
Do they have a criminal record?
What is their credit score?
How has their prior conduct been as a tenant?

3. Providing Preventative Maintenance

We are always ready to respond to property maintenance requests. Whenever there is an upkeep issue with your property, even a minor one, we’ll take care of the problem at the earliest opportunity.

That’s because we are here to preserve the value of your real estate investment. We can’t overstate the importance of preventative maintenance. Solving the maintenance problems early on will save money in the long run.

Conducting regular property inspections is a part of our promise to all our clients. We want to make sure that tenants are taking proper care of your rental. If we discover any repair needs that haven’t been mentioned by them, we’ll have that work done as soon as possible.

4. Collecting Monthly Rent

Efficient rent collection starts with drafting proper lease agreements. By honing in on the slightest details, we ensure that all the clauses support efficient rent collection. For instance, we’ll include all the relevant clauses that relate to late fees and due dates. Your tenant will always learn about these clauses before signing any agreements.

Drafting the right kind of lease agreement is just the beginning. We’ll take the time needed to determine the correct price for your rental property. Comparative market analysis and other tools are used to find the most competitive rental price possible.

The actual rent collection process is made easier as we use an online portal to collect the monthly payments. A common problem for self-managed rental properties is often the use of substandard payment methods, causing a bottleneck in rental income.

As part of our residential property management services, we offer quick and convenient online payments that make tenants’ lives easier.

5. Financial Reporting Services

With Blue Mountain as your property management company, you’ll gain access to all the financial reports you need. Our company uses Appfolio to provide you with full access to all the necessary financial documents online.

delivering financial reports

You won’t have to do anything else besides open the owner’s portal and log in. All of the basic and advanced financial data is regularly updated. Among other documents, you can expect profits, statements, expenses, and property upkeep projects.

Whenever you have additional questions about the financial statistics in your owner’s portal, you can contact our team of property managers. We'll be more than ready to help you.

About Widefield, Colorado

Widefield is part of the census-designated place (CDP) called Security-Widefield. It’s adjacent to the city of Colorado Springs, located just south of its downtown area.

In terms of real estate, the area has about 10,000 households. It belongs to El Paso County, Colorado. The students of this unincorporated community are served by the School District 3 (WSD3).

The WSD3 also manages Parks and Recreation. They provide community recreation and education activities to more than 50,000 people annually. Some of the best neighborhood parks include Talbott Park, Barnstormer’s Park, and Pi-Ute Park.

Most of the community parks include playgrounds, tables, and open grass areas. They are ideal for get-togethers and quality time for the whole family!

Source: Wikipedia

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