Signs you Need a Property Manager

Thinking about property management in Colorado Springs? Here at Blue Mountain Real Estate and Property Management we pride ourselves on being the best in the business. Since 1987, we have committed ourselves to growing and continually learning how we can stay competitive in this ever-changing industry. Many of our landlords come to us in place of frustration and desperation after years of trying to manage their properties themselves. We have found it helpful to compile a list of signs you might need a property management team on your side.

Suprising Reasons you Need a Property Manager

  1. You have multiple properties: Many of our landlords own multiple properties in the area and have a hard time keeping up with all of them. If you own more than one property, the chances of being able to keep up with all of them are pretty low. Unless you have chosen property management as your full-time job, chances are that the maintenance, upkeep and tenant relations may prove to be too overwhelming on top of your day job. A property manager is able to step in and take the stress off of managing your multiple properties.
  2. You don’t live near your rental property: A long-distance landlord can be a tough sell for many renters. With the recent rental scams on, more renters are wary of renting from a landlord that is out of state. Having a local property manager to handle your maintenance requests, rent payments and face-to-face interactions is a huge benefit.
  3. You don’t want to do day-to-day management tasks: Let’s face it- being a property manager isn’t always fun. Dealing with leaky pipes, overgrown grass and collecting rent checks isn’t for everyone. Here at Blue Mountain, we’ve got it down to a science and we truly enjoy what we do. Landlords usually have other responsibilities to care for, so choosing a management company to handle the dirty work is an easy choice.
  4. You don’t know landlord or tenant law: Being in the industry every day allows us to stay up-to-date on changing landlord and tenant laws. Many landlords do not have the time to dive into every necessary law involved in rental management. Make the safe choice of letting us handle the complicated law and protect your assets.

Choose the Best for Colorado Springs Rentals!

We hope this list has been helpful in determining whether or not you need a property manager on your side. Blue Mountain Real Estate and Property Management is always on your side and ready to answer any questions you may have!