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Are you looking for a reliable property management company? Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management, CRMC provides top-class rental management services in Security, CO.

From our office in Colorado Springs, we have been providing excellent residential and commercial property management services for 39 years. The experienced Blue Mountain team can quickly fill your empty vacancies, provide efficient rent collection, and deal with any unexpected issues.

As experienced professionals in Security property management, we know how to find the right tenants for your rental property. With our focus on preserving and growing the value of our clients’ properties, we’ll always go above and beyond to ensure we're exceeding your expectations.

Hiring Blue Mountain means you'll have an experienced team working hard every step of the way in helping you generate maximum returns on your initial investment. You won’t have to worry about daily landlord duties anymore.

Alleviating self-management stress is our promise as a professional property management firm. You can continue your investment journey and grow your portfolio. Unburdening you of the day-to-day minutia of managing a rental property will allow you to focus on more important tasks at hand.

Get in touch with us by calling at (719) 591-8500 and we’ll conduct a free rental analysis of your property. This report will show how to manage your property in the most efficient manner possible. Among other things, we'll be able to tell you the ideal amount of the rent to charge for your property, as well as important neighborhood demographic information.

Our Property Management Services

At Blue Mountain, we're a highly-qualified team of property management professionals. Our objective is to take care of all your rental property needs. We'll be able to provide you with more free time by removing the stress of self-management. Helping our clients enjoy the bliss of passive income is one of the most satisfying aspects of property management.

Take a look at some of the top services we can offer you:

Tenant Screening Procedures

The pillar of our property management service packages is a comprehensive applicant screening process. We don’t want you to be subject to the issues that low-quality tenants can bring to the table. Finding the best available tenants is essential for avoiding time-consuming issues that plague many self-managed property owners.

screening potential tenants

A successful screening system cuts the overall tenant turnover rate, reduces tenant damages, and lowers the risk of having to deal with evictions. The steps we take are connected to checking the applicants’ financial and personal records. We have a proven track record of helping clients avoid troublesome tenants.

Outstanding Repairs and Maintenance

Keeping your rental property in top shape is an ongoing responsibility that all owners face. Luckily, you can pass off the responsibility of these tasks by transferring them over to us.

We’ll take excellent care of your Security rental property. Whenever there are tenant complaints or emergency requests, we’ll provide quick responses to tenant messages or calls.

Additionally, we’ll conduct preventative inspections in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly. If we find unexpected repair is necessary during these inspections, we’ll take care of these problems at the earliest opportunity.

Our extensive network of vendors and contractors ensures that you’ll always get the best price available. Since we order plenty of materials for our clients and pay for many hours of expert work, we are able to negotiate rates and pass the savings along to you.

Expert-Level Marketing and Advertising

Every marketing plan starts with extensive analysis and planning. The free rental analysis we provide gives important foundational information about how we should proceed with our advertising efforts. For instance, we’ll check the unique amenities, current supply and demand, general pricing in the surrounding neighborhood, and other crucial factors.

advertising rental property

We mainly conduct online marketing. However, we also execute top-level offline marketing plans as well. Each advertising campaign is tailor-made to fit the needs and expectations of our clients.

Flawless Rent Collection

Rent collection is an essential aspect of managing rental properties. Taking the time to design and execute efficient rent collection systems is one of the many important services we provide to the property owners we work with.

Everything starts with drafting stellar lease agreements that address all the key aspects of efficient rent collection. We want to make sure that your lease agreements contain all the clauses related to late fees and due dates.

Furthermore, we analyze the market conditions to determine the right price for your rental property. Finding that sweet spot means that there is no undercharging nor overcharging. Fair prices attract qualified tenants.

Comprehensive Financial Reporting

You’ll have 24/7 access to the Owner’s Portal. This is where you can see all the necessary financial reporting available to you. The financial documents are regularly updated to keep you fully up to date with how your investment is performing.

delivering financial reports

With a single click of a button, you can open the important financial reports that help your track the performance of your investment. The details regarding your Security rental property include business expenses, monthly statements, bill payments, and receipts.

About Security, CO

Security is part of the larger area of Security-Widefield, located in El Paso County. This unincorporated community is very close to the city of Colorado Springs. The locals consider the northern section of the area.

about security colorado

Living in Security means you’ll have access to all the services and amenities of Colorado Springs. These include the Colorado Springs Airport, a short drive away from Security-Widefield.

The residents of Security enjoy the numerous parks in the vicinity. Some of the best green areas for walking and lounging about in the summer months include Pi-Ute Park, Windmill Mesa Park, and Widefield Community Park. Bluestem Prairie Open Space offers a spectacular place to enjoy sunrises on clear mornings.

Walmart Supercenter, Dollar Store, and Walgreens are all close to Security Boulevard, making these ideal spots for convenient shopping. The Widefield Disc Golf Course is very close to most properties in Security, making it a prime pick for getting some outdoor exercise without leaving the area.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

Besides working in Security, we are also proud to provide property management services in:

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