Quality Housing Accountability Act

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As of this writing, Colorado Springs City Council is considering a new law that would fine landlords for multiple tenant complaints.

Quality Housing Accountability Act

The Quality Housing Accountability Act would allow the city to designate landlords with multiple complaints against them as “repeat offenders”. This would apply to violations of the minimum housing standards meant to ensure safe and sanitary living conditions for all renters.

The Act has three parts.

Who is in Charge of Local Housing Administration?

The Act would give the Colorado Springs Neighborhood Services Division the power to oversee local housing standards and enforce health, sanitation and housing ordinances. The Neighborhood Services Division currently manages issues such as property maintenance and zoning.

What Kind of Penalties are Incurred for Violations?

Currently, violations of Colorado Springs’ housing ordinances can only result in administrative penalties. The Act would change that and tenants would be able to bring the complaint that a landlord is a “repeat offender” to the municipal court. Judicial penalties would apply if the court agrees.

Who Enforces the Housing Code?

Currently, some parts of the housing code are enforced by the local police department. The Act would move that responsibility to the Neighborhood Services Division.

How Will This Affect Me?

As a landlord, you will only be affected by this act if it becomes law and tenants file multiple safety and sanitation complaints against you. You won’t need to worry about this if we are your property manager. We at Blue Mountain Real Estate make sure your property meets all applicable housing codes.

We also protect you from the hassles and expenses that happen when a property owner doesn’t have time to keep up with housing laws and regulations. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you earn the most from your property investments without becoming an expert in Colorado real estate law.