Why Hire Us

Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management, CRMC is a full service property management firm located in Colorado Springs. We have served the areas in the Pikes Peak Region from Monument to Fountain and from Manitou Springs to Falcon for 39 years.

Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management, CRMC are members of both local and national NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers). We firmly believe in merging excellent property management with exemplary client service. We devote our time to taking care of your property investments by providing superior property management services. Armed with our expertise of the local area, strong skills and solid experience, we are a quality team.

If you need repairs and maintenance done immediately, we can be relied upon. If you need high quality tenants to occupy your property rental, we are dedicated to finding you the right ones. When you want to see your financial business reports, we can readily provide you with them. At Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management, CRMC, we have utilized both advanced technology and superb people skills to provide our clients with outstanding results.

Great communication is at the core of our company. Owners and tenants can expect us to practice professionalism and remain courteous in our work. Our standards are of the highest caliber when it comes to servicing our clients.

Owners Benefits

Here’s a quick summary of the property management services you’ll enjoy when working with Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management, CRMC:

Vacant Rental Units Will be Prevented

Marketing of your rental property will be strategic, quick and effective. We will post your vacant unit to our website where prospective tenants will be able to apply via their computer or smartphone. We also automatically make your listing available to popular search sites including Zillow and Trulia.

Landing the Right Tenant the First Time

Tenant screening is a priority and we run a credit and background check on each applicant. We make sure to select a responsible, financially capable, and reasonable tenant to rent your property. That said, we also make sure we follow the Fair Housing Act.

Stop Wasting Energy Chasing Rent

Rent collection is a smooth procedure as we utilize technology as we offer a variety of payment options to the tenants. We will then deposit funds directly into your account.

We can also help to prepare a comprehensive lease that highlights the importance of timely rent payments. We will discuss the importance of rent collection with new tenants to prevent late/skipped payments. Repercussions will be emphasized so tenants will be aware of their responsibility to pay on time.

Savings of Time and Money with Maintenance

You will enjoy maximum savings when it comes to maintenance upkeep. We perform preventative maintenance, grounds maintenance and common area cleaning. Your property will be kept in superior condition with the aid of the best highly qualified contractors and vendors. We also offer a 24-hour emergency service with a responsive and reliable team.

Aside from general maintenance, we have regularly scheduled property inspections. We also perform tenant move in/move out inspections. Detailed property condition reports will also be provided to our clients. There will be attached digital photos as further proof of our thorough assessment.

Working with our professional group of contractors and vendors will be cost-effective for you. Over the years, our partnership and trust with each other gives us an advantage of obtaining the lowest price in the market. The work provided will adhere to high quality standards.

Organized documentation and comprehensive financial reports.

Clients will enjoy receiving full financial reports detailing their cash flow analysis (income and expense). They can expect to be provided a monthly and yearly accounting with the aid of our advanced software. For tax documentation, monthly proceeds and property-related expenses, clients can view them using the AppFolio system.

The AppFolio Property Manager system allows property owners to access their financial statements, maintenance reports and pertinent requests. They can also check work orders electronically and be updated with the ongoing maintenance projects.

Choosing Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management, CRMC

With Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management, CRMC taking care of your rental properties, you’ll attain peace of mind. We’ll treat your properties like our own and we’ll secure the rent payments consistently. We utilize technology for everyone’s convenience, both the property owners and tenants.

Whether you have a single property or multiple properties, our management style will remain consistent, reliable and professional. We know Colorado like the back of our hand. As such, we are able to serve the area with experience.

It takes diligence and professional knowledge to succeed in the property management industry. Call us today at 719-591-8500 or email us at CustomerService@bluemountainmgmt.com to discuss your real estate or property management needs. We look forward to talking with you!