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Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management, CRMC has both the experience and professional skills to manage your Peyton rental property investment. Our specialty is taking care of residential and commercial buildings.

Self-managing landlords and new investors will surely benefit from our management property services. We are a professional property management company adept at marketing, detailed in tenant screening and diligent when it comes to property maintenance and rent collection each month. We always prioritize our clients’ needs and we achieve this by diminishing stresses and helping them generate maximum returns from their property investments.

Don’t hesitate to call us at (719) 591-8500. You can take advantage of our free rental analysis to learn how we can care for your investment. Working with us, you’ll find it easier to build a sustainable income from your Peyton property. We’ll take care of the smaller details so you can focus your extra time on other opportunities.

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Our Property Management Services

Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management, CRMC offers excellent property management services designed to address the common needs of property owners in the Peyton area with the focus on freeing up their time and creating a stress-free environment.

Here are the valuable services our clients benefit from:

1. Marketing of Your Peyton Rental Property

Blue Mountain offers a free rental analysis to begin with. We make sure to set the ideal rental price based on the current real estate market, so we know you will enjoy maximum returns for your Peyton property. We carefully study the surrounding properties in the neighborhood and look at marketing trends. We also check the major selling points your Peyton property delivers to potential renters.

Once we determine the correct rental price, we execute our marketing campaign. We place advertisements on 80+ property listing websites. It’s our goal to engage the interest of a large variety of prospects so we have several quality tenants to choose from. Having a huge pool of applicants is also a concrete way for you to earn income on your Peyton property right away.

2. Tenant Screening Service

At Blue Mountain Property Management, we have a set of criteria for our tenants to meet. It’s vital that an applicant is financially responsible, respects the leasing conditions and performs their duties as a tenant, like paying rent on time each month.

We have strict standards and a detailed screening procedure. Peyton area property owners will have no reason to feel anxious, as we take care of the tiniest details. We examine all documentation, including credit reports, criminal background and employment records. Our tenant screening process also adheres to the Fair Housing Act, thus protecting you from any legal violation.

3. Rent Collection Service

At Blue Mountain, we also pride ourselves on prompt rent collection. As a Peyton property owner, you likely have plenty of expenses to face, from property maintenance to insurance and other bills. Thus, we crafted a rent collection system that makes payment easier for renters. Paying on time is not optional. We make sure that the renters know the consequences of failing to meet their rental obligations month to month. They can pay by electronic means, cash, e-check or credit card.

As a landlord, you will also feel have convenience of monitoring payments by checking your enrolled account every month. For any tenant violations when it comes to rent payment, we are professional property managers who can implement the policies firmly.

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4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

Some property owners prefer a hands-off approach when it comes to property repairs and maintenance. To give you more time to tend to other responsibilities, Blue Mountain ensures that we can skillfully and professionally manage your Peyton property investment.

A rental property requires intensive supervising. When a tenant experiences a leaking faucet, a heater breakdown or a pest infestation, we’re able to respond quickly. We build tenant loyalty and employ a variety of strategies to retain your tenants long-term. We offer professional and courteous customer service.

Contractors will handle the repairs and property damages so your Peyton property will only grow more in value through the years. We also prioritize savings for our property owners. We achieve this by using the best vendors who supply us with discounts. Our clients are guaranteed to experience lower prices compared to self-managing landlords.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

Our clients can also keep track of their rental property investment's performance simply by logging into their Owner’s Portal. This is where financial reports are displayed, and you’ll be able to see your profit, expenses and receipts for bill payments. You get a clear view on all the important financial details of your property!

About Peyton, Colorado

Peyton is part of El Paso County, Colorado. It’s named after George Peyton. Peyton’s original name was Mayfield, but this was changed since Mayfield was already used for a city in California.

Peyton is well loved by its residents because of its small town vibe. It also offers above-average school choices, a friendly community and a plethora of shops and restaurants. There are numerous parks and it has decent proximity to Denver and Colorado Springs.

Things to see in Peyton, Colorado:

  1. Homestead Ranch Regional Park – a 450-acre park that offers magnificent views, picnic pavilions and a playground. Check out the pond and creek where you can spot plenty of wildlife, such as waterfowls.

  2. Antler Creek Golf Course – Opened in 2004, this golf course is considered one of Colorado’s longest golf course and includes three lakes. Practice your game for a stellar golf experience.


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