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Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management, CRMC is the best team for the job. Dedicated to providing excellence for the last 39 years, our team is an industry leader. We specialize in managing everything from residential to commercial properties.

As a professional property management firm, we prioritize strong customer service. Our goal is to provide optimal income for our clients and steer them away from the stress of property management.

If you're feeling overwhelmed trying to fill out your Manitou Springs property, scrutinize applicants to land high quality tenants, choose cost-effective property maintenance and efficiently collect rent, we are here to offer our expertise.

To grow our knowledge base and gain further property management insights, we’re affiliated with professional organizations such as local and national NARPM, Realtor and CRMC. Call us at (719) 591-8500 and we can get started on your free rental analysis. We’d love for you to experience our hassle-free management style for your Manitou Springs property.

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Our Property Management Services

At Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management, CRMC, we provide our clients with premium property management services that aim to maximize income. Our marketing, tenant screening, rent collection and property upkeep strategies have been helping property owners for decades.

Here are some of the services we offer that our clients heavily benefit from:

Marketing of Your Rental Property

Self-managing landlords rarely have access to the same vast marketing networks as a property management company. To avoid the expensive maintenance of vacant properties,effective marketing is crucial.

At Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management, we use strategic marketing techniques. We combine advanced software with targeted advertising. We also promote in local publications, since the wider the field of marketing, the more inquiries we receive from interested applicants.

Messages from prospective tenants will be promptly answered by our professional team. We value speed and effectiveness when marketing your Manitou Springs property.

Tenant Screening Process

When you're self-managing a property, it's easy to leave out crucial elements of tenant screening. After all, it's a laborious and time-consuming process. What if there are a hundred applicants for your multiple properties in Manitou Springs? Efficiency is crucial, otherwise, you will lose your applicants to other landlords' properties.

You can’t afford to simply forego this process or conduct a less thorough evaluation. This is because you might end up with problem tenants down the line. At Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management, we want to save you time. We will perform the detailed background checking and credit history check. You can be assured that all bases will be covered.

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Rent Collection

Many landlords have a tough time enforcing the rules on prompt monthly payments. They may also find it difficult to enforce late payment penalties.

There's a delicate balance between being compassionate and firm, but you have to understand that at the end of the day, you’re running a rental business. At Blue Mountain, we exercise tact, but we also properly explain to tenants their responsibility of making timely payments. Consequences are also outlined during the lease signing.

Tenants can easily pay via online transfer, cash, e-check or credit card. Property owners can rest easy knowing that income is sent to their accounts automatically every month. If late payments or rent defaults occur, we will handle the eviction process for you.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

colorado manitou springs repairs maintenance property

It's important not to spread yourself too thin when attending to multiple properties’ maintenance requests several times a day. In addition, there are property inspections to handle. This is normally where the stress begins to build for landlords.

Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management has a systematic approach toward property repairs and maintenance. We have preventative measures and make sure that the property is always well-maintained and presentable. We have a highly responsive, professional team in case of emergencies.

We’re also vigilant when conducting regular property inspections, checking for any deviations from the agreed leasing conditions. For major repairs, we obtain the services of licensed contractors to guarantee the marketability of your Manitou Springs property.

Detailed Financial Reporting

When you have your hands full responding to every tenant's requests and complaints, you may find yourself falling behind on organizing important paperwork. Bookkeeping may end up being the last thing on your mind. However, this is an important factor to determine your investment growth.

Using Appfolio technology, Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management created an online portal to make it convenient for property owners to track their financial statements. You'll have access to these important documents at the click of a button, whenever you need them.

About Manitou Springs, Colorado

Manitou Springs is situated in El Paso County, Colorado, and was established for its natural mineral springs. It’s deemed as a tourist town and is renowned for its healing waters. Residents enjoy living in Manitou Springs for the town’s charm and tight-knit community. It’s the ideal place to raise a family.

The community is warm and welcoming, and the city generates a general sense of safety. It celebrates several festivals and is appreciated for its variety of restaurants, bars, cafes and parks.

Here are some interesting things to see in Manitou Springs:

Manitou Mineral Springs – collect water from the 8 natural springs around the town. It’s free, popular and worth sampling.
Manitou Incline – a 2,000 foot vertical hike that presents an irresistible challenge to fitness enthusiasts.
Manitou Cliff Dwellings – a hands-on museum, displaying Native American artifacts and structures dating back hundreds of years.

Areas We Serve

Located in Manitou Springs, we also serve the following areas: Colorado Springs, Peyton, Monument, Fountain, Canon City , Castle Rock, Widefield, Security, and Woodland Park.