How You Make Money with a Property Manager

You probably already know why you need a property manager. Anyone who has encountered tenants who don’t pay rent and misuse the property know how stressful that can be.

We have clients who learned this the hard way. Recently, an owner of local residential properties called us in distress because of problems with her investments. Unfortunately, she had tenants who didn’t respect or care for her property.

She didn’t have the time or professional background to deal with this and it was very frustrating. Her intention when she bought the properties was to build wealth, not to make a career out of managing them.

How Property Managers Save You Money

Professional property managers do make a career of managing real estate investments and we know how to keep the stress out of it. Here are a few ways we save you money:

  • We keep you out of trouble with the law. We know how anti-discrimination laws pertain to housing and how to avoid unintentional violations that can result in significant fines.
  • We manage repairs with an eye to balancing cost and efficiency. We know which contractors in town get the work done quickly and at a reasonable price. After years of experience, we make sure you don’t lose money by hiring un-vetted workers with the lowest bid only to lose rent when the job takes twice as long.
  • We make sure you earn rent every month by making expectations clear to the tenant. Owners often find themselves losing money because they like the tenant as a person and find it awkward to insist on timely payment. We take that burden off your shoulders.

How Property Managers Earn Money for You

Let’s talk about that rent you’re expecting. Hiring a professional property manager means being able to rely on your rental income. Here is what to expect from a professional:

  • We make sure you get your money on the day you expect it. If we promised you would see the money on the first Friday of the month, it will be in your account on every first Friday of every month.
  • We keep an eye on your investment. We drive by and look for signs that something is awry. We are in touch with the utility companies because unpaid bills can be a sign that something isn’t right. We know how to look for signs that your investment is in jeopardy.
  • Our leases cover state-specific issues. For example, when recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado, Blue Mountain Real Estate changed its lease so that our tenants agree not to smoke or grow marijuana on the properties we manage.

Does Blue Mountain Real Estate do all of these things? You bet we do! If you own residential or commercial properties in Colorado Springs, contact us. We’d love to make money for you!