Why We Do Evictions All Year Round

It’s the property owner’s worst nightmare… Evictions!

The tenant isn’t paying the rent. Maybe your commercial space is being used as a business and you can see that the tenant is making money, but somehow the rent never shows up in your office on time.

It can get worse. Maybe you take the tenant to court over the late rent and he doesn’t show up. Or maybe you talk to her and she tells you a sad story and you can’t stop yourself from giving her a little more time. After all, who wants to be the bad guy?

Whatever the reason, you’re still not getting the rent money.

We Handle Evictions for You

We know that these situations can go on for a long time and that they invariably cost the property owner a lot of money and time. The owner wants to be a nice person and doesn’t want the stress of a conflict with the tenant.

Besides, you have other things to do. You don’t have time to learn the related laws, find out what the process for eviction is and to handle the emotional stress of dealing with a bad tenant.

We do this all the time and we know when it’s time to begin eviction proceedings.

Making the Best Decisions for Your Property

We know, for example, that we have to do the same job in December as we do in May. Maybe Christmas is around the corner and you don’t want to evict a tenant until after the holidays, but a bad tenant is a bad tenant all year round.

Unfortunately, good intentions can result in disaster. For example, we remember a situation in which a good-natured property owner delayed evicting a tenant until after Christmas. Unfortunately, that tenant repaid the good turn by starting a fire on the property that did $50,000 of damage.

You also don’t know what the tenant will do to your property if things are going badly. Background checks sometimes turn up interesting information about a tenant’s history, such as deliberate damage to a rented property.

We know evictions can be uncomfortable for both tenant and landlord, but as stewards of your property, we act when it’s in your best interest, regardless of the time of year.

Our goal is to find good tenants for our clients in the first place, tenants that don’t have to be evicted, but when things go badly, we don’t wait for your dream of real estate investment income to become a nightmare.