The Value of Personal Property Management - COVID-19 Pandemic Challenges

No one foresaw how the global pandemic COVID-19 would affect different industries. State leaders have now issued quarantines and isolation directives to help quell massive community infections.

As such, business operations have changed to accommodate less customer interface. Meetings are conducted through online video calls and business directions are given via calls and emails.

In the rental business, you as the landlord are still expected to accomplish your regular responsibilities. You must still perform property inspections, maintenance and repair. However, you must also conduct these duties as you comply with safety protocols, such as wearing gloves, masks and having proper sanitary supplies at hand.

Given the challenging landscape now, it would help a self-managing landlord to secure the support of a professional property management firm. Not only will it significantly reduce his expanding tasks, but the abundance of resources provided by a property management team will also prove to be invaluable.

A skilled team will always back you up, especially during emergencies. Their expertise, in terms of excellent execution, will mean decreased stress for the landlord.

Here are benefits you will experience from engaging in the services of a professional property management team, especially during the coronavirus pandemic:

Solid Knowledge of State Laws, Evictions, Landlord-Tenant Laws, etc.

A property management team is quick to adjust to the influx of new information. This could pertain to state laws since new directives are often presently issued. As a self-managing landlord, you have to constantly stay aware of the current news.

Given new data everyday and being expected to cover various responsibilities simultaneously could stretch your energy. Having a property management team working for you will help you save time and energy as well.

When tenants commit a violation, the property manager can resolve the issue directly by sending a notice. If the issue is not absolved, an evictionmay proceed. This is done following strict guidelines, of course.

You'll never have to worry since you are legally shielded. The property management team is well versed in legal matters and will stick to the due process of law.

Team of Professionals

They're able to cross-train and responsibly manage properties, even during a pandemic.

As a self-managing landlord, you have to train yourself to be versatile with different skills. This means you have to communicate well with your tenants, and coordinate property maintenance and repair among other tasks.

A property management team on the other hand, is composed of different professionals who are trained ona variety of functions. They have multiple skill sets gained from cross training. They also have adequate resources they can rely on in terms of manpower.

For example, a landlord operates single-handedly, so if he falls ill, work will be suspended. Unlike a property management team, they have excellent replacements ensuring continuity in the business operation.

In addition, a property management team can count on his network of licensed contractors to perform property repairs at a lower cost for the property owner. Some firms also keep their own in-house maintenance team, ensuring further savings for the property owner. As a landlord, youpay a higher professional charge since you only need to hire a licensed contractor from time to time.

Professional contractors and handymen

Experienced workers who will follow safety protocols to ensure safety of tenants.

Hiring a property management team is a guarantee that excellent services will still be performed, even under the stress of COVID-19. Protocols are designed to help safeguard the health and safety of the tenants and property managers. This would require putting on safety gear and engaging in hygienic practices, such as washing your hands and using alcohol and hand sanitizers.

If you have multiple units, massive disinfecting procedures of common areas will be done and having a professional team will make this task easier. Moreover, if a resident in your property ends up infected, additional precautionary measures will be adopted to ensure the containment of the virus. A professional team can act quickly, set up a system and adhere to the protocols to protect other tenants in the premises.

At a time like this, you don't want to worry about fixing minor repairs at a tenant's residence. If you have a property management team working on your behalf, your stresses will be reduced.

When your tenant calls you up to request for property repair, you have the option of letting the professional team handle it. If you are self-managing, the responsibility falls solely on you to visit the rental unit and check the problem.

Staying Home

Let a professional PM Company handle the hard work for you.

The COVID-19 virus spreads quickly and it's best to stay home to avoid exposure to it. This is easier when you have a professional property management team that canattend to the property upkeep and your tenants' issues.

If there are emergencies, a professional team can also resolve the urgent case without requiring your presence. If you live far from your rental property, this can save you time, money and energy.

Bottom line

A property management team will ensure you're legally protected and compliant with the state policies and safety building codes. They will also develop and strictly enforce protocols. Thus, delegating your function to a professional property manager is a wise decision.

You have the option of reducing contact with other people, like your tenants, to comply with social distancing. However, you will still be maintaining superior customer service, as competent professionals are taking over your responsibilities.

These are unprecedented times and it's understandable that landlords need added support during this tough period. Reach out to Blue Mountain Property Management if you want to maintain excellent property management service standards. We strive to protect our stellar reputation through our full commitment to delivering satisfaction to property owners and their tenants.