How to Evict a Tenant in Colorado Springs

No one likes to evict a tenant from a property because even if you’re successful at removing that renter, you’ve still lost money and time in the process. One of the reasons that individualized and thorough tenant screening is so important is that you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have to evict a tenant who isn’t paying rent or following the terms of the lease.

We here at Blue Mountain Property Management have made this article on how to evict someone in Colorado. We also share our position on evictions, and what we do when we’re faced with a tenant who is not paying rent on time or at all.

Managing an Eviction in Colorado Springs

We follow a "three strikes and you’re out" rule when it comes to late rent, illegal activity, or property damage. If rent is late every single month or you find yourself having to visit the property on a regular basis because of lease violations, it’s better to evict the tenant as soon as you have a documented pattern of behavior.

How Long Does It Take to Evict Someone in Colorado?

In Colorado, the eviction process is similar to the way things are handled everywhere else. There’s a 95 percent chance that the eviction will be handled quickly and easily, but tenants today know the process and they know the timeline. They’re likely to drag it out as long as possible, so offering an accurate Colorado eviction timeline is difficult.

The sheriff’s department is currently a month or two out for removing tenants, so the back-up in the court system and the number of officers available to physically remove tenants will impact how quickly we can get possession of the property back. We try to move the process along as quickly as possible, and we never do cash for keys.

Some property managers in Colorado Springs may offer tenants money to move out immediately. That’s rarely successful, and you don’t know what kind of condition those tenants are going to leave your property in.

Rent Collection Policy

Be consistent with your rent collection policy, and enforce any late fees or other penalties. At Blue Mountain, rent is due on the first of the month. Then, there’s a grace period, and after the fifth of the month, it’s considered late.

If we still don’t have rent on the sixth, we file a Three Day Notice, which demands that they pay the rent that’s owed or vacate the property. Usually, tenants will get in touch and either pay the rent or let us know on which date they’ll be able to pay.

If we don’t hear from the tenants at all and they don’t move out after those three days, we turn the case over to our attorney, who will prepare to go to court.

Eviction Orders from the Court

eviction notice coloradoWe use an eviction removal lawyer because there’s a lot of room for error, and if you make even a simple mistake in the legal eviction process, you can have your case tossed out and you will have to start the whole process over. The case will go to a judge in seven days, and tenants are often no-shows in court.

Once the judge determines that the tenant is at fault for not paying rent, that tenant has 48 hours to vacate. A Writ of Restitution is ordered, and the sheriff is sent to the property to ensure those tenants vacate.

Keep in mind that this is just a basic overview of how to evict a tenant in Colorado Springs. There are many factors that can change the course of an eviction process.

We don’t have to evict tenants very often because of our strict screening process, but if you need help removing a tenant who isn’t paying rent, please contact us at Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management. We’d be happy to assist you.