7 ways to choose the best property management company

Many people come to us asking how to choose the best property manager when they decide to transfer the landlord responsibility for their property to a management company. You may think that it’s the property manager’s job to solely collect the rent and answer any emergency maintenance calls. You spend a great deal of time researching and protecting your investment, so why would you skimp on researching how to hire the best property manager? Here at Blue Mountain Real Estate and Property Management, we like to go above and beyond the common expectation. We’ve compiled a list of ways to choose the best property manager in Colorado Springs!

Make an Expert Decision with your Property Management

Make sure your management company is up to date: A good website and interactive social platforms show that a management company is well connected within the community. As this is an ongoing business partnership, you want to know that they take their business seriously. A company that is set up well with their digital platform will have an easier time exposing your property to prospective tenants.

Check other properties managed by the company: How are these properties presented? Would you be proud to have your property displayed the way do? Also, check the rent amount and make sure it is at an appropriate market level for your region.

Ask for a copy of a standard lease from the company: Make sure that it is up to date on tenant law, void of errors, and that is covers all of your concerns as a property owner.

Ask how many staff the company employs: It is crucial that they employ enough staff to adequately care for the properties they manage. Many companies see property management as a side note and leave the management duties to the people at the front desk. Always make sure that they have a good ratio of property managers to properties.

You Are Entitled to a Flawless Rental Experience

Make sure you get a written proposal: If the management company cannot take the time to give you a written proposal for your future business relationship, then you might want to consider going elsewhere. It is vital that the responsibilities and expectations are lined out prior to signing any type of agreement with the company long term.

Choose a company that is able to show properties often: With our hectic pace of life and work schedules, it is vital that a company is able to show a property on your schedule. You will gain access to more prospective tenants that work varied schedules and are needing to look for a rental.

Outline responsibilities: Make sure you and the management company have a clear understanding on the responsibilities each of you has. Is it the management company’s responsibility to collect rent, handle maintenance requests, send out repair companies and pay them? Decide on a dollar amount for repairs that the company doesn’t have to get permission from you for, so you aren’t bothered by every little maintenance job that pops up.

Finding a reputable company to manage your property in Colorado Springs can be a daunting task. Blue Mountain Real Estate and Property Management is here as your resource for everything property management. Feel free to reach out!